Be A Plasma Yoddha

A platform driven by doctors and technology, that ensures plasma of eligible donors is stored at blood banks and connected to critical care patients who need it most right now.

Corona survivors, your blood contains plasma that can save the lives of corona patients.

Join the war against corona, become a plasma yoddha!

Disclaimer : Convalescent Plasma therapy for COVID-19 is an experimental therapy currently being studied in clinical trials. is the official partner of Project PLATINA, a clinical trial looking at plasma therapy in COVID-19.
We do not recommend for or against the use of plasma therapy outside a clinical trial. This is a decision to be made in conjunction with the treating doctor.


The Platina Trial being run by the Government of Maharashtra is the largest plasma clinical trial in the world. is proud to be the official partner of this initiative by supporting the plasma donation efforts by our plasma yoddhas

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How This Works

What Is Blood Plasma?

Plasma – the liquid portion of your blood – can be easily replaced by your body. It consists mainly of water, proteins and antibodies that help your body to function. If you have survived COVID-19 then your plasma includes antibodies that could help others fight the virus.

How Is Blood Plasma Used?

Plasma from those who have recovered could be a key part of the fight against COVID-19. Once the COVID-19 plasma is donated, it can take one of two paths: be directly transfused into patients or be used to make a potential medicine.

The Process :

1. As a donor, you can register on our site with your reports and basic details

2. A doctor will contact you and check your eligibility for donation

3. A blood test will be done to screen you for safe plasma donation

4. We will arrange transport to take you to the blood bank for plasma donation

5. Your plasma is now ready to save a life

Our Mission

Headed by, and supported by Covid India Task Force through the technology platform, we are proud to be serving the country at this time of need through this platform.

Our team of researchers and doctors are experts who are best placed to find success through this trial. We built this platform to serve anyone in need, and hence do not support any monetization of plasma donation.

We want to ramp up Maharashtra's supply of plasma to fight Covid-19.

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